About Us

Elevate Concept’s mission, as its name indicate, is to elevate the purchase experience in customers looking for rare, unique, extraordinary items. A Miami-based luxury goods online store and private showroom office, Elevate is designed create the most personalized “one-to-one” in person experience, and the easiest and smoothest experience for online shopping. Our dedicated sales team is available to answer any of your questions.

Elevate’s product selection is curated by our management, consistently looking to provide the most rare and unique products the world has to offer. We scout for unique art pieces, unique home accessories, unique timepieces, along with a refined selection of limited jewelry lines from independent brands. As luxury watch connoisseur, we provide a “buy, sell and trade” experience for the second-hand luxury watch market. We aim to offer a selection that will only be available to purchase at Elevate Concept.